Don't click here

Click here.

Did you? Why?
"Click here" is terrible text to use in a link.  Please don't make links that say "click here".

Google Results 1 - 100 of about 2,960,000,000 for clickhere.

You see, we've already used the phrase "click here" five times on this page: how are you supposed know where the link will take you? People scan web pages for links. Links are styled (with underlining, or color) to stand out from other text. If all the link phrases say "click here", how helpful is that? You might think it helpful to say things like "click here for more details" but this phrase makes no sense on its own.

It's even worse for your reader if they are dependent on screen reader software to read the links aloud to them. They will quickly get fed up with "click here" being intoned over and over again, with no clue as to where the link will take them. Your web page will not meet web accessibility guidelines if you use "click here" as the link phrase. You see how that last link gave you a good idea of where you'd be taken? Link phrases should be specific.

"For quick tips on making your web pages accessible click here"

is not not as helpful as saying,

"the Web Accessibility Initiative publish quick tips on making your web pages accessible".

Link phrases should be specific and make sense when read on their own.

So, don't "click here".